Thank you for your interest in hosting an event and/or partnering with The Workaround. Please take the time to fill out this questionnaire (the more specific, the better) to give us a sense of your offering.


This form is for curated partnership requests ONLY. As a community member, you are always welcome to host any workshop/talk in one of our meeting or event rooms by booking that space. If you haven't already, you can apply to become a member here.

If you’d like to book a room and plan your own event, the pricing is as follows:

free community membership: meeting rooms $40/hour | workshop room (Charlie) $50/hour

paid memberships (drop in passes, monthly unlimited, etc.): meeting rooms $5-12/hour | workshop room (Charlie) $20/hour

main space: $100/hour evenings and weekends

We'll post your event on our members calendar and you are welcome to provide us with a poster to display in our digital newsletter and on our bulletin board. If you'd like any other support with your marketing efforts, that's definitely something we can talk about.


We receive a high volume of partnership requests and consciously curate an event/workshop calendar for our members. Due to the number of submissions, we can't approve every request. If you would like to partner with us for curated events and/or workshops, please fill out this form. We will review your proposal and possibly request more information, based on our current availability and current offerings.


We would offer complimentary use of the Workaround space and amenities (to be discussed), and promotion of your event via our mailing list (400+ subscribers), social media channels (1,000+ followers) and community bulletin board.

Complete the following form with your proposed in-kind offering.

Thank you!

- The Workaround Team

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