Offering space and support to working parents who need flexibility

The Workaround’s purpose is to provide everything you need to do your best work. Managing parenthood and a career is next-level challenging. Whether you’re returning to work after leave, stranded during a snow day or starting up your seven-figure empire, a spot is ready for you.


Babies aren’t mandatory at The Workaround, whether you are an entrepreneur or employed by a work-from-home flexible corporation. We invite you to work around other parents, work nearby your children, and work through your toughest challenges with professionals who get it. 

Located in Toronto’s vibrant east-end at Danforth Avenue and Woodbine Avenue, we strive to remove some of the barriers that come with working at home or from your local cafe. Besides, who is more productive than parents? The Workaround is coworking, made easy. 

We are located directly beside Woodbine TTC station (accessible), five minutes to the Main St GO Station, and ample parking on Danforth Avenue, Green P and Impark lots nearby.

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The Workaround was born when my children were born…

And I quickly figured out that childcare in Toronto is inaccessible and unaffordable. But I wanted to continue to thrive in my career. We need innovative models that support all working parents.

So we created a space where other moms and dads could walk to work. Where they can work around parents and non-parents. And if they need emergency child care for the day, we will support that. If they want to avoid a long commute into the downtown core, we can help get them online quicker.

So here we are. Best of all, The Workaround community itself has become one big self-made family…

 Baby wing back chairs!

Baby wing back chairs!

 your seat is ready for you, workarounder

your seat is ready for you, workarounder

Do your best work in the right space

Bringing innovation to coworking in Toronto. Flexible month-to-month plans and a wide range of multi-purpose spaces to do your best work. The coffee is ready for you along with meeting and phone rooms, pop-up and workshop space, children’s activities and a lactation suite. Record a podcast, meet members of the community, or host a meeting. See you at The Workaround.


Snacks, cold drinks, bottomless coffee and seasonal teas.

because the days of forgotten luke warm coffee are over.

What’s Happening at The Workaround?