Complete this form to register your child for our hourly or full time childcare. Parents, make sure you have applied for membership before registering your child. If you need emergency/last minute child care, email us directly at

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY and agree to the following terms:

Request Childcare in Advance

Child care is available weekdays, 9am-4pm at hourly and monthly rates.

Hourly Childcare: Go to and request a childcare spot. If you can, make your request as soon as you know you need care (up to one month in advance) and at least 24 hours in advance.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A REQUEST FOR CHILDCARE, NOT AN APPROVAL! You will receive a confirmation email within 24 business hours approving or denying this request based on staffing and availability. You must wait for your approved confirmation email before bringing your child in for care.

Booking requests are reviewed during business hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am-4pm.

For requests made outside of business hours (including requests made during evenings and weekends) please don't assume your booking is approved! You must wait until you receive a confirmation email by 8:30am the following business day before bringing your child in for care. 

In the event of a childcare emergency for a DAY-OF BOOKING, please email us directly at or request a spot via our member portal but wait for an approval email.

When requesting a childcare spot, please schedule the maximum amount of time you think you will need that day. If you leave early, we won’t charge you for the difference. But we can’t guarantee we can extend a booking if you want to stay later.

Full Time Childcare: You don’t need to reserve childcare in advance, we will hold your weekly spot. Keep in mind that we are reserving this spot for you and you alone in our full time childcare. Therefore, you will be charged the full monthly rate, regardless of days missed, vacations, etc. If there is a holiday during your monthly billing cycle, we will modify your billing rate to reflect the childcare closure.

Respect Your Booking Times

Hourly Childcare: Please respect that we approve childcare requests based on caregiver and full time childcare ratios. Therefore, our hourly schedule is usually very busy.

Please try to stick to your drop off and pickup times. If you are running late, let us know via Slack. We charge a nominal $5 for late arrivals of 30 minutes or more, unless due to extreme circumstances. Due to staffing and ratios, we may be unable to extend your day-of booking, so please speak to our staff if you would like to extend your requested time.

Our childcare closes at 4pm and we will have your child ready to go at this time. There is a $5 fee for late pickups at closing (4pm), unless due to extreme circumstances.

Full Time Childcare: Please let us know (with as much notice as possible) if your child is running late, sick or unable to attend any of their full time days. We will schedule our staff/hourly program accordingly.

Our childcare closes at 4pm and we will have your child ready to go at this time. There is a $5 fee for late pickups at closing (4pm), unless due to extreme circumstances.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your reservation before it starts, you can do so at

Please note we charge a $5 fee for hourly childcare cancelled with less than 12 hours notice and for no show reservations, unless due to extreme circumstances.

Childcare Billing

Flexibility means we’ve got you covered! We bill the following business day, and only charge for the amount of time your child spends with our caregivers. That means if you leave early, we will not bill you for the time you did not use.

Setting Up Slack

We use Slack (a free communication app) for messaging between childcare educators and parents. We require all parents to be accessible via Slack. Please download the app to your phone or computer so our educators can instant message you as needed and make sure your notification settings are turned on so you can respond quickly, if needed.

Child Care Drop-Off

When you arrive at The Workaround, we will be onsite to greet you. Please, check in with our front-desk staff and then bring your child through the main space to our kid-friendly lower level childcare room.

Transitioning to Childcare

The Workaround childcare is a transition, just like any other. Separation anxiety is real and will pass. In a drop-off and short-term care model like ours, your child may need a few weeks to familiarize themselves with our environment and our team, but they will eventually settle, we know this from experience!

We recommend leaving your child alone with our team of ECEs for at least an hour during the transition periods. If our ECE needs you sooner, they will message you and ask for your help.

Our team has observed that most kids do better if they have time to get used to the space without being reminded that their parents are nearby. The first few times you’re in, our educators will discuss notifications with you - if you would like to be contacted when your child is upset, or if you would prefer them to manage the child until you are finished working. If this doesn’t work for you, talk to us! We want the transition to be as easy for you as possible - that’s why you picked us to work alongside your children. We ask that your child remain in the childcare rooms and not roam throughout the co-working space, as we do not have staff to watch your children at all times.

What to Bring

  • nut-free snacks and lunch

  • ready-to-feed bottles or let us know when you’d like to nurse

  • indoor shoes, slippers or socks

  • a change of clothing

  • extra diapers and wipes (for full time daycare, please bring a box of diapers)

  • comfort toys for nap time, if needed

  • weather-appropriate gear (sunscreen, hats, boots, mittens, etc.)


We welcome children of all abilities into our childcare program and do not discriminate! With that in mind, due to liability, we have additional requirements for parents of children with exceptionalities. We kindly request that you:

  • Inform our staff of any exceptionalities well in advance and before your first booking, so that we can staff accordingly.

  • Are onsite at all times while your child is in care

  • Are accessible at all times through Slack while onsite.

  • Are prepared to meet with our ECE’s before your child’s start time to go over your child’s needs and properly train staff on how to specifically care for your child.

  • Complete a written document signed and dated outlining your child’s needs and any procedures you have in place, if there is an emergency. We will provide you with this document on your first day.

Sick Policy

The Workaround is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for children, families and staff. The Workaround will take every reasonable precaution to prevent the risk of communicable diseases within the centre.

Staff practice daily infection control measures to prevent and manage illness to the best of our ability. We encourage you to do the same by using the hand sanitizer available. We have immune-sensitive children enrolled in our programming. Therefore, if you feel your child is unwell, we kindly request you keep them home.

If your child has a fever of 100.4°F, we require that they be fever-free for 48 hours before returning to childcare. We reserve the right to decline childcare (including day-of bookings) if we feel your child is not well enough to attend.

Should your child become sick at the centre, the staff will monitor the child and inform you. Depending on the type of illness, the staff may contact you to arrange for the child to be picked up for their own well-being. When your child is returning to care after having a serious illness or communicable disease, we will require a note from your medical practitioner to confirm that the child is free from infection. These practices support a healthy and safe environment for children, parents, staff and visitors to the centre.


If your child requires medication, the centre staff will administer prescription medication only. Prescription medication must be provided in the original bottle/packaging, clearly labeled with your child’s name and instructions for administering.

Parents must complete and sign the appropriate medication administration form before the medication can be administered by our staff. Non-prescription or over the counter medication must be accompanied by a written prescription by a medical practitioner. A new medication administration form will need to be completed and signed for any changes in medication or medication instructions. For the safety of the children, we ask that parents hand any medication directly to the staff so that it can be securely stored away from the children's reach. Parents are required to take home any expired or medication that is no longer to be administered to the child at the centre or for disposal at a pharmacy.

Allergies and Anaphylactic Allergies

Parents must inform the childcare of their child’s condition, the food and non-food substances that trigger a reaction, the symptoms of a reaction and the required treatment before the child is admitted to the childcare or once the diagnosis is confirmed. Updates to their child's condition should be communicated on an ongoing basis. All of our early childhood educators have up-to-date CPR and first-aid training. The staff will take all reasonable precautions in the storage, maintenance and administration of medication. All medications will be provided by the child’s parent(s)/guardian(s) and be readily available at all times.

Licensing and Legality

In accordance with the duty to disclose to parents when a childcare program is not licensed, please be advised that: This child care program is not licensed by the Government of Ontario. In accordance with the requirement to maintain a written record of the disclosure to parents, members will be asked to acknowledge that they have received a written disclosure as required by the Act.

With The Workaround’s childcare programming, parents remain on-site and responsible for their child(ren) at all times. If you need to be offsite on a specific day or if you are participating in our Full Time Childcare program, please speak to our staff directly.

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