When it is time to work and children are around ...


How Does Child Care Work?

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Coworking and child care? HERE FOR IT.

The Workaround is here for your child care needs.

We offer emergency child care for those unforeseen days when your caregiver is suddenly unavailable, alongside regular daily play-based learning programs from 9 am - 4 pm, all available starting at $10/hour/child.*

Think of it as “bring your kid to work day”, but with registered early childhood educators on hand to help you out. A workaround that improves the typical kids-climbing-on-you-at-home struggle.


The Workaround makes sense for parents on maternity or paternity leave, who want to return-to-work gradually but who haven’t yet accessed full-time care.

It’s a part of a larger solution because finding full-time high-quality care in Toronto’s east end is nearly impossible.

*Note that infants under 18 months require more 1-1 care and as such the rate for infant care is $15/hour.

All children 18mths+ are $10/hour/child

The Workaround is saving my sanity and my marriage. I’m not racing to finish work during broken-up naps. I am more at ease after leaving here. Working from The Workaround is everything.
— Jen, A Thrilled Working Parent
Photo Credit:  Gabby Frank

Photo Credit: Gabby Frank

ChildCare at The Workaround is Easy:

We are offering a play-based learning program led by registered early childhood educators. Childcare is available for $10/hour/child for children over 18 months and $15/hour/child for infants 6 months - 18 months. Monthly and dedicated desk pricing for childcare is $10/hour (any age).

Childcare is available seven days a week, 9:00am - 4:00pm. Our educators are available to stay after 4:00 pm if we know in advance and can schedule staff to be here. Please register your child here, and we will bill you at the end of your visit for the number of hours you stayed onsite. All childcare billing is completed through our online platform, making logistics simple.

We can support children six months - 5 years old, and during PA days and school holidays (March Break, Winter Break) for children 3 - 8 years old.

You must remain on site while your child is at The Workaround, unless your child is enrolled in a school aged PA day or school break programming day. Babes in arms ok anywhere at The Workaround.

Review our parent overview and child registration form here.

Chestfeeding and pumping encouraged anywhere you are comfortable. Private rooms available as you need. An onsite freezer for breastmilk is ready for you, along with complementary milk storage bags.



How is the child care programming designed?

The Greater Toronto Area is experiencing a great need for flexible, innovative child care offerings, of which The Workaround is one of them. Our children’s programming is staffed by early childhood educators who bring early education domains and age-appropriate activities to your child during hourly sessions.

We strongly believe in universal, accessible childcare. The Workaround’s founder, Amanda Munday, is a fierce child care advocate. While campaigning all orders of government for more east end child care, as an active member of Toronto East Enders for Child Care she learned a great deal about the inequities in Canadian child care availability. Toronto’s east end was recently declared a “child care desert”.

Can I use The Workaround as full-time child care?

The Workaround provides occasional child care with educational programming during operating hours. If you need full-time, full-day child care we would be happy to connect you to high-quality, licenced providers in the east end.

Are you a licensed child care provider?

In accordance with the duty to disclose to parents when a child care program is not licensed, please be advised that: This child care program is not licensed by the Government of Ontario. In accordance with the requirement to maintain a written record of the disclosure to parents, members will be asked to acknowledge that they have received a written disclosure as required by the Act.

With The Workaround’s children’s programming, parents remain on-site and responsible for their child(ren) at all times.

Are children allowed at The Workaround outside of programming hours?

Babes-in-arms are always welcome to stay with you at The Workaround. The primary purpose of our workspace is to help working professionals do their best work. And we all know it’s hard to get a lot of work done with children everywhere. We recommend you reserve your child for programming hours, or keep your child near you during nap time in a car seat or carrier.

Private nursing and pumping areas are always available, as are disposable pumping supplies and a freezer to store breastmilk!

What hours are children's programming available?

Mixed age group, children’s programming is available seven days a week, 9:00am to 4:00pm. Each program has a ratio of five children to one educator, unless the child is under 2 years of age (1:2 ratio).

Our program includes play-based learning. You can expect music, circle time, arts and crafts and free play alongside a registered early childhood educator. Washroom breaks, drinks and snacks available. Lunch is not included, but you are welcome to stay onsite and eat lunch with your child in one of our boardrooms!

We have two pack and plays on site, and if your child is OK sleeping in your arms (and you’re ok holding them) we’re ok with it too. We have a few pack'n'plays on site for an emergency nap and a place you can work quietly beside your sleeping child. We also have ample chestfeeding areas should you need to nurse at any time. Nursing is encouraged ANYWHERE at The Workaround.

Which age groups are available in The Workaround children’s programming?

You can register any child from six months onward.

Who is managing the child care program?

Our child care program is designed by early childhood educators and our full-time staff including our leadership team and community manager, all with experience in education, training and child care advocacy. Amanda Munday, our CEO, is a part-time instructor at George Brown College Continuing Education who brings years of child care advocacy and knowledge of the sector through her work with HiMama.

Can I leave my children at The Workaround to run some errands?

There is no transfer of care between parents and our children’s programming staff – you are still responsible for your child and cannot leave them unattended at The Workaround. Our children’s programming is high-quality and we’ve designed the space with working parents in mind.

Will you provide meals?

Children’s programming is available between 9:00am and 4:00pm. You are welcome to feed your child lunch in our meeting rooms from 12pm – 1pm or snacks anytime! If you forget to bring enough snacks with you, we have nut-free, toddler-friendly snacks available on site.

What is the cost for children’s programming?

We aim to keep child care affordable at $10/hour/child over 18 Months, and $15/hour for infants under 18 months. If you'd like to reserve the same spot over multiple weeks/months, contact us to discuss. We will always offer a limited number of drop-in spots, however. We can discount childcare in bundles of hours.

How can I reserve a spot for my child?

Log into our members’ portal to reserve a spot in one (or many!) of our daily sessions, up to 30 days in advance.